VEGA 3000DT Technical Specifications
Model VEGA-3180DT VEGA-3180DT VEGA-3320DT
Max. Printing Width 1850mm 1850mm 3250mm
*Printing Model 16 print heads
4 colors
32 print heads
8 colors
32 print heads
Double 4 colors
32 print heads
8 colors
32 print heads
Double 4 colors
Printing Speed 32 print heads on 4 rows /
16 print heads on 4 rows
Printing Mode 1 450sqm / h 900sqm / h 900sqm / h 980sqm / h 980sqm / h
Printing Mode 2 235sqm / h 470sqm / h 470sqm / h 510sqm / h 510sqm / h
Printing Mode 3 115sqm / h 230sqm / h 230sqm / h 225sqm / h 225sqm / h
Printing Head Model
Cleaning Method Wetting Control Method
Industrial DOD Prezo kyocera print head
32 / 16 pieces optional
Adjustable up to 30mm above the fabric
Auto positive and negative pressure cleaning system
By pneumatic spray nozzle
Ink Type Reactive, acid, disperse inks
Colours C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, Orange, Grey, Blue, Red, Fluorescent Red
Febric Cotton, rayon, linen, silk, wool, nylon, polyester, velvet, towel, flag
( woven, knitted and non-woven )
Take up and Drying Automatic take-up system, infrared dryer and cooling fans
Work Station Windows 7 64bit
CPU : Intel Core i7 3770 processor
HD : 500 GB, 1 GB graphics
RAM : 16 GB
Main Configuration High speed fibre-optical data transmission
High accuracy full closed-loop stepper
Intelligent printhead cleaning system
Intellingent dual printhead protection
Automatic tension synchronous unwinding
Automatic ink recycling system
RIP Software
Image Format
VEGA Print
Power Supply
380 VAC
50 HZ ± 10 %
Printer Around 10KW
Compressed Air Connection Air flow ≥ 0.6m3 /min Air pressure ≥ 8KG
Working Conditions Room temperature 20°C - 30°C, Humidity 50%-70%
Dimensions / mm
( Including dryer )

*Producation change according to different printing width and design.The parameters above are subject to chage without notice