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Technical Parameter
Roller Width Roller Diameter Voltage & Power Temp Range Speed Weight Dimension
1700mm 420mm 380V/27kW 0-399°C 100m/hr 2100kg 2.6*1.5*1.57m
1700mm 600mm 380V/42kW 0-399°C 200m/hr 2500 kg 5.8*3.1*1.65m
1900mm 600mm 380V/47kW 0-399°C 200m/hr 2600 kg

Main Features :-

Using the most advanced technology, auto correct side and three input, three output (fabric, sublimation paper and butter paper). Which are suitable for running length of cloth and cut fabrics. With an efficiency that is double of the conventional method. The frequency speed control and high accuracy ensure the machines maintains stability. While the heated wheel seal oil controls the temperature (± 2°C).

  • Machines are safe, durable and the quantity of heat distributed is uniform, hence better performance.

  • Automatic heating plate and warning alarm.

  • Teflon coated.

  • Separate digital timer and temperature controller included.

  • The press plate in completely teflon coated, with no mucous.

  • Applicable to all types of transfers on items up to 1/8” thick fabric

  • The patented pressure adjustment technology allows you to have several setting, hence you can repeat the exact pressure setting on different products.

  • Thermostat is calibrated in the factory, with an uncertainty ± 2°C.

  • Easy to open and close, with spring assist.

  • Heat indication is done with the help of a light.