Technical specification

KZ X4 Series
Printing Technology
Print Head On Demand Piezoelectric Head (2 Staggered Printheads)
No. of print head One or Two
Productivity DX5                    5113
Express 65sqm/h           98sqm/h
Production 44sqm/h          62sqm/h
Quality 34sqm/h          47sqm/h
Fine Art 24sqm/h          26sqm/h
Resolution & Software
Resolution 1440dpi Max.
Software Standard (Maintop/photoprint); Other RIPs available as optional
Media Width Maximum 1920mm
Roll diamention & Weight Max. 210mm, 40KG
Print Width 1880mm in one roll; 2 rolls 914mm together
Feeding & Taking-up system Auto-Feeding & taking-up system with dual roll printing support
Type Eco Solvent /Water Base / Dye Sublimation
Ink Supply System 1.5L Large Bulk System with automatic supply system
Color Standard CMYK; Other Configuration Optional
Ink curing system Integrated Tri-Heating System, Extend infrared heating and cooling system
Dimensions & Weight
Machine(L*W*H) 3260*930*1800mm
Package(L*W*H) 3300*740*763mm; 2010*740*320mm
Operation Requirements
Connectivity Hi-Speed USB 3.0
Power Single Phase, 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz; 600W(Machine),900W(Heater)
Environment Temp. 15~30℃; RH 40~60%
Warranty 1 Year Warranty Standard, More information please consult our local dealer

Specifiaction are subject to change without notice.