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SCOPE OF APPLICATION: In textile industry, GA339 type warping - sizing combination machine is the facility for preparation before spinning. It can meet the craftwork standard in sizing wool, cotton, hemp, mixed fabric and greay fabric. It has both advantages of sectional warping machine and sizing machine, which makes warping and sizing completed once, and directly accomplish the production of beam. GA3398 is suitable for small quality production, multiplicity production and sample production. It is also suitable for the sizing and warping process in new products research. It has advantages of low percentage of yarn coverage, good integrity of chorion, quick replacement of the older generation products by new ones, high efficiency, good quality, saving raw materials as well as supplemental materials, reducing production cost. GA339 is suitable to size and warp yarns used in color-woven fabric, wool fabric, silk fabric or special industry fabric, despite of the count and density. Controlled by computer, and structured reasonably, the new technology machine is stable and reliable, and can match with rapier, proejctile, air-jet looms, etc.