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Scope of Application: The machine can be applied to directly warping variations chopped yarns. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, uniformity density and flatness thread. So this kind of machine is the ideal equipment for preparation before sizing and dyeing.

Details : GA269C Main Technical Data

  • Breadth 1600-1800mm (other breadth can be customized according to customers requirements)

  • Diameter of warp beam 800-1000mm

  • Beaming Speed 100-800m/mm stepless adjustable

  • Braking Length ≤ 3m (500m/min)

  • Error of winding density ≤ 0.25%

  • Motor power 11KW, 15KW

  • Bobbin cradle Heading 640, 240×240 (mm) (standard model)

  • Weight of Main unit: 4000kg.

  • Weight of bobbin creel 2500 kg.