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Scope of Application: This machine can accurately control length and arrangement of warp yarn. It is suitable for directly warping of various kinds of chopped yarns and is the pre-spining preparation equipment for various kinds of pimless looms

Details : GA125 Main Technical Data

  • Work width 1800 mm (can be made according to customer's request)

  • Beam Flange Diameter 800 mm (max) or 1000 mm (should be made according to special request)

  • Warping Speed 100-1000 (m/min)

  • Unloading and loading means of the yarn beam: Pneumatic pressure type.

  • The supporting means of the press roller: 150 leaning lathe (sliding type)

  • Braking distance ≤ 3m (500m/mm)

  • Error of the warp yarn length: ≤ 0.2%

  • Bobbin creel: Rectangle type, V type, fixed or rotary type.

  • Spindle spale, spindle number: 250×250mmn, 560 (basic type)

  • Main motor power: 11Kw, 4 poles.

  • Weight of the frame: 4800 kg.

  • Wight of the bobbing creel: 3000 Kg.