Scope of Application: The winding density, the length and the arrangement of warp yarns can be controlled accurately on the machine. Being a pre-prduction machine for all pirnless looms, it could be used to warping different chopped fiber yarns in separate lot.

Details : GA124S Main Technical Data

  • Work width 1800 mm (other width can be customized according to customer's requirements)

  • Beam flange diameter 800mm (max.)

  • Warping Speed 100-800 m/min

  • Braking Distance ≤ 3m (500m/min)

  • Moving rate of reed - Adjustable

  • Length Error of the warp yarn: ≤ 0.2%

  • Operating display unit : 10.4 inch touch screen

  • Bobbin creel: Rectangle type, V type, fixed or rotary

  • Spindle space, spindle number: 250×250, 560 (basic type) or can be made according to customer's request.

  • Power of main motor 11KW

  • Weight of Main unit: 4000kg

  • Weight of bobbin creel 2500 kg.

  • Density scope 0.35g/cm3-0.70g/cm3